Where are you in the home building process?

Land Search/Acquisition

One of the biggest challenges of the building a home is finding a good lot. I am constantly looking at building lots so I have a lot of knowledge about what is available. Since I am a real estate agent and a builder, I am uniquely qualified to help you find a great lot.

Land Evaluation/Analysis

If you already own your land, we can walk it and discuss things like tree clearing, home location and topography. We can also evaluate the issues that affect building costs such as access, power, utilities, water and septic, as well as regulatory costs and requirements.

Plan Development

We can work with you to turn your needs and wants into a plan that reflects your lifestyle. We start with your ideas and criteria, then draw a sketch, make changes, additions and deletions, using your input to develop a plan that features everything you want in a home.

Home Design & Build

Once we have your plan, we need to specify the features, amenities and budgets for things like flooring and cabinets. This requires good communication so that your home is finished the way want, at a cost you can afford. Then we can begin building your new home!

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