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Jay Kobza

I am a local real estate developer in Thurston County, WA. I know a lot of the special quirks of the various local jurisdictions. I have also worked with many of the local Engineers, Architects and Consultants.

There are a lot of problems that tend to arise when building a home. With today’s increasing regulatory environment, there are a lot more issues to address. Wetlands, steep slopes, wildlife, zoning changes, environmental hazards, etc.—any of these can result in expensive mistakes.

I have the experience to avoid these problems that arise during the land buying and home building process. My approach to the construction process is methodical and quality oriented, and though I am not the fastest builder in town I pride myself on doing it right for my clients.

Areas of Proficiency

Where will you build your new custom home? We help you find the perfect lot for your needs.

How will your land impact your new custom home? We walk you through the possibilities.

How will your new custom home accommodate your life? We examine your wants and needs to develop the plan.

What aesthetic will you choose? We take the plan and assemble a complete design to personalize your build.


What has Kobza Home Builders done?

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A Lifetime of Expertise

In over 50 years working in the construction industry, starting at age seven, I’ve built over 400 homes and two condominium projects. I built my first house when I was 19 years old, and it still stands to this day. 

I strive to bring an uncommon level of professionalism to my industry. Between my MBA and my 50+ years of industry experience, I am able to work with my clients to solve most of the problems that pop up while building a home.


Jay Kobza, of Kobza Home Builders in Lacey, WA

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I’m Jay Kobza, founder of Kobza Home Builders, and I’d like to use my lifetime of building experience to serve you.

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