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Jay Kobza in 2021

Jay Kobza

A Lifetime of Experience

In over 50 years working in the construction industry, starting at age seven, I’ve built over 400 homes and two condominium projects.

I built my first house when I was 19 years old, and it still stands to this day. 

Between my MBA and my 50+ years of industry experience, I am able to work with my clients to ensure a successful project from start to finish.

"Jay is amazing. First off, let me clarify. I am selling a home for my mother who is to elderly to do this herself. That happens when you are almost ninety. We listed a home that needed a lot of repair, but did Jay complain, or did he get upset when my mom called him repeatedly only to ask the same question over and over? Nope, he just went about his job and never got distracted or discouraged. When I finally got mom to approve of thirty thousand worth of renovations and repairs Jay made the transition seamless, and when we did get a buyer he helped me navigate through the mountain of paperwork it soon became He helped me with the city, the county, the plumbers and the septic guys and even helped the new buyers lender with all of the details of the new well we had to hook up to I can only honestly give him the best possible review I can give there were so many other little things he handled right up to the sale Even now as I sit here writing this my mom called me and is still trying to pay property tax on a home she no longer owns, thank god my wife took the paperwork when she visited her last week, I can’t imagine what Jay went through and thank my lucky stars that we had a realtor that was so knowledgeable Thank you so much, Jay! Sincerely, William Thomas.”
From William Thomas
“I have known Jay since 2006 as a builder of customized adult family homes. I was a caregiver at that time working in an adult family home which incidentally was built by Jay Kobza. Indeed, I was impressed on how user friendly the facility was in terms of providing the residents with the needed comfort in their activities of daily living. The experience inspired me immensely and I told myself, if ever I realize my goal of being an adult family home provider someday, I will work hard to give our vulnerable adults the service that is best and realizing this mission starts with a safe and decent living environment that they truly deserve. Now that I am at the threshold of achieving this vision, I did not have any second thought of entrusting this to an experienced, trustworthy and reliable builder like Jay Kobza. In the initial phase of doing business with him, I find him an honest person, business like and conducts himself in a professional manner. I would therefore recommend Jay to all adult family home care providers who intend to build their dream adult family homes. Thanks.”
From Floyd
“Jay and I looked at a VA Foreclosure in 2013 and put an offer in on the home. The first problem came with the selling agent who was completely incompetent but Jay was always there making him find the answers and when necessary calling the VA to make sure things were done properly. The next problem came when, on final inspection, a pipe burst in the home and again the selling agent had no clue what to do and ended going way over the insurance estimate to fix the home which caused a fourteen-month delay in closing. The entire time Jay stood by and did his best to push the sale through (anyone would have given up at this point). The entire process took almost two years to complete but Jay never gave up hope that I would be able to get into this home and he kept me believing it would happen also. I don’t think you will ever find a more patient and hard working real estate agent and I highly recommend him!”
From Anonymous Client
“My husband and I chose to work with Jay for purchasing our first home. We were continually amazed at the level of service we received during the whole process. We never felt like our questions were burdens, nor were we ever overloaded with industry specific terminology that was over our heads. Jay thoroughly understood what we were looking for (probably better than we even did). Between his knowledge and time spent in real estate, I feel like we saved a lot of time, money and heart ache by having him guiding us. He was able to find out additional information about properties given his vast networking group and research ability. I was also impressed to find him fully capable of helping us assess overall building quality/construction. When my husband and I wanted to find all the wells on a property, scout property lines in the woods or wondered how an electrical panel was setup, Jay was actively participating in our adventure. He was frequently grabbing a tool from his car to help or explaining an answer to us. This is NOT a real estate agent who shows up to a showing, dressed up in a suit and just awkwardly stands there–all while just showing you cosmetic-type things. At one point my husband and I made an offer on a house, we did not end up getting the sale. Jay got us through that brief disappointment. He ended up finding us our current home. We couldn’t imagine if we had ended up with the original one we thought we wanted. The home he found for us was exactly what we were looking for. Jay was an active partner for us through the initial house hunt, negotiation and even closing. He made himself constantly available to us, even though I know he has other clients, it did not feel like it.”
From Becca
“We are not from the area, and were in town for a long weekend to look at property. We thought we wanted to buy land and build, and Jay stood out because he is both a builder and a real estate agent. He spent many hours with us that weekend and in the end we bought an existing home that we couldn’t be happier with. I highly recommend Jay and wouldn’t hesitate to call him again!”
From Carey
Jay Kobza, of Kobza Home Builders in Lacey, WA

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